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Meet Our Team

Kendra Brooks

Admissions & Medical Records Coordinator

Kendra Brooks is an Admissions & Medical Records Coordinator at The Cedars. She enjoys working for The Cedars Home Care and believes her boss Thom is a team player.

Janet Delsanto


Janet DelSanto is a supervisor at The Cedars and a Pier Diem RN for our Home Health Services. She enjoys the great team of professionals she works with in The Cedars home care service. She loves offering schedule flexibility to her patients and believes The Cedars home care service is extremely well organized.

Andrea Blessing

RN Case Manager and Field Nurse

Andrea Blessing RN is a case manager and field nurse for The Cedars Home Care. She has a BA in Psychology from URI and an Associate’s degree in Nursing from CCRI. Andrea enjoys being able to spend time with the patients in their home.

Christine Palazzo

Certified Nursing Assistant of 32 years and Rehab Assistant

Christine Palazzo has been a CNA for 32 years and enjoys being able to help the patients remain in the comfort of their home. She feels that being a CNA is a rewarding career. In addition to her CNA license, Christine also has a certification in NCCDP (National Council of Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Practitioners) She believes The Cedars Home Care provides extraordinary care and compassion for patients.

Caitlin Caretti

Physical Therapist Assistant

Caitlin Caretti is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She enjoys working with people and believes The Cedars provides the best care to allow patients to remain in their homes.

Alan Richards

Administrative Assistant

Alan Richards is the Administrative Assistant for The Cedars and Cedar Home Health. He believes The Cedars Home Health has assembled an amazing and caring staff over the past several years.

Bernadette Saccoccio


Bernadette Saccoccio RN has been a supervisor at The Cedars for 9 years. Bernadette received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from RI College in 2001. She feels it is rewarding to be able to provide care to patients in the comfort of their own home.

Melanie Ashworth

RN Case Manager and Field Nurse

Melanie Ashworth, RN is a case manager and field nurse for The Cedars home health. She received her RN diploma from St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing. Melanie believes we have a great team who genuinely cares for the patients we encounter.

Kathy Berard

RN Case Manager

Kathy Berard, RN is a RN case manager for The Cedars home health. She has been a home care nurse for 23 years. She enjoys working with the rest of the committed staff and believes they go above and beyond to help their patients. #CareGiversMonth.

Gayle Katzman

Physical Therapist and Rehab Supervisor

Gayle Katzman is a physical therapist and rehab supervisor of The Cedars home health. She believes The Cedars is a great team and that we go above and beyond to keep our patients at home and healthy. #CareGiversMonth.

Lisa Bell

Office Administrator

Lisa Bell is an office administrator at The Cedars. She has worked for The Cedars for over 18 years and knows how much the nurses and therapists care about their patients. She believes the home care services we provide are of the highest quality and given with the utmost care and compassion.

Jessica Siekiera RN

RN Case Manager

Jessica is a RN Case Manager at The Cedars. She enjoys spending one on one time with patients and being able to provide them with the care they need.

Donna Hallam

Licensed Nurse Practitioner

Donna has been an LPN from 39 years. She enjoys seeing the progress the patient has made. She believes our home care service lets the patient be with family and promotes independence.

Thomas Whipple

Administrator and Vice President

Thomas Whipple is our Administrator and Vice President at The Cedars. He received his Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Rhode Island College and now has over 30 years of Health Care Administration experience. He is proud of The Cedars being recognized in the top 25% in the country for patient satisfaction.

Linda Cooney


Linda Cooney has been a DNS for 35 years at The Cedars and is a CPR Instructor for the American Heart Association. Linda loves spending time with her patients and getting to know their families.