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Home Health, Nutrition and the Holiday Season

Nutrition and diet are always important to talk about in terms of cardiac health, but especially during the Holiday Season. Studies suggest that there is an increase in cardiac events during the winter months with a peak around the holiday season.  In addition, there are significantly more admissions to the hospital due to a cardiac event following Christmas day when compared to other holidays. This could be related to overeating, emotional stress of the holidays, less time for exercise, or postponing doctors’ appointments to make time to celebrate the holidays.  Home Health Care Programs can help reduce the risk of these hospitalizations.

A patient on services at home benefits from nurses and therapists seeing them on a regular basis and assessing their care. If the patient asks for additional help with their diets or the nurse thinks that the patient could benefit from additional information regarding their diets, they consult the dietitian.   The on staff dietitian will go into their homes to provide any needed education. While in the home, dietitians are able to get a better understanding of how the patient is eating, what challenges they face, and offer more personalized help because the patient is able to show them directly what and how they are eating. The Registered Dietitian will always leave the patient with written education materials and they are able to call to  speak with them if they have any further questions.

To acquire home care services,  patients are encouraged to ask their doctor for a referral or call a home healthcare agency directly who can then follow up with the patient’s doctor. Home health professionals are able to conduct in home assessments to reduce the risk cardiac issues. The home care staff can also review medications at that time. They will work as a team with your personal physician to ensure quality patient care.

The Cedars has years of experience providing home health care in Rhode Island. Our main goal is to provide you with a seamless plan of coordinated health care and rehabilitation – from the hospital or skilled nursing setting to the privacy of your own home. As a seasoned health care provider, we have direct access to a comprehensive spectrum of health care professionals, products and services allowing us to provide safe and effectively managed care within the home. Our services include skilled nursingphysicaloccupational, and speech therapies, as well as nursing assistance with the activities of daily living.

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