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CHF Successfully Managed at Home

Suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) can be frustrating, scary and confusing for both patient and family members. CHF can be successfully managed at home.  Home health care professionals are important members of the CHF care team. Their main goal is to improve self-management skills and to encourage patient to be as active as possible. Through education, support and collaboration with a patient’s physician, a home health program can patients manage symptoms associated with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Teaching Patients Healthy Habits

The education materials and self-monitoring tools used by home health professionals are similar to the materials used by other community medical providers such as a hospital. The goal of which is to:

  • Become knowledgeable about CHF
  • Boost confidence about managing CHF symptoms
  • Develop good dietary and self-care habits
  • Inspire more physical and social activity
  • Teach relaxation techniques to decrease anxiety
  • Encourage patient to always call homecare staff first to avoidhospitalizationA Team of Professionals in the Comfort of Home

    Once a home care agency receives a referral from the patient’s doctor, a home visit will be scheduled to occur within 48 hours. A Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager will be assigned to assess the patient’s condition, consult with his physician and create a personalized CHF Plan of Care. In addition to nursing care, a care plan may involve services from a physical and/or occupational therapist, a social worker or home health aide. The RN Case Manager and other assigned members of the home health team will make scheduled home visits and work with patient in the comfort of his or her home. Patients are continually assessed for progress which is shared with their physician who consults as needed if any issues arise. CHF Homecare Program services can include:

  •   Education: Education and self-monitoring tools
  •   Monitoring and Support: Monitoring of vital signs, weight, food and fluidintake
  •   Medication and Symptom Management: Medication education, monitoringof response to medications, effectiveness, and side effects
  •   Discharge Plan: Preparation for discharge from home care service

While congestive heart failure is a serious illness, it doesn’t mean someone can’t live a happy, fulfilling life. With the education about CHF provided by home health care nurses, and emphasis on proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes, patients often achieve positive results.

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