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The Cedars, RI


Welcome to our new website. If this is your first visit, we’re very happy that you’re here. If this is a return visit, you will notice an entirely new look, new content, and even a new logo.

Following the 50-year successful history of Cedar Crest Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre, we coined The Cedars to encompass the expansion of our services, including Cedar Home Health. Going forward, we will now be known as The Cedars and thought that a new website would be a wonderful way to introduce this change and demonstrate our fresh energy, excitement and commitment to our core values. Since first opening our doors in 1970, we have always embraced change and sought every opportunity to improve, learn more, and offer more. Today between hospital and home, we are pleased to make all our patients and residents the center of our attention as we provide the highest quality, person-centered care to well over 1200 people each year.

It’s our intention that The Cedars website will be a useful resource for those seeking care for themselves or a loved one. With the addition of our new Blog, we will offer fresh and informative news that we hope will keep you coming back again and again. So thank you for visiting www.cedarsliving.com. We hope that you will visit our site and read our blog often and invite you to introduce us to others.

Susan K. Whipple