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The Cedars, RI

Dining and Nutritional

Delicious Meals Served Just the Way You Like It

The Cedars strives to provide our residents and patients with delicious, high quality meals and personalized dining service during your stay. Proper nutrition is an integral part of recuperation and meals are carefully planned to be both nourishing and appealing. In fact, we offer a “restaurant-style” Dining Program intended to provide our patients and residents with a warm dining experience and personalized meals. Our nationally recognized program was so successful that we realized a 200% improvement in customer satisfaction. Dining at The Cedars is a true team effort – with all staff involved in serving meals and making sure each guest is pleased. Choice is the key word to describe dining at The Cedars: choice of what to eat, where to eat and when to eat.

While you can choose to dine in your own room, many residents and patients choose to enjoy dining ‘fireside’ in our beautiful Rotunda where delicious meals are served by wait staff in our dining room.

Nutritional Support and Education

We offer a wide array of choices for each meal to make it possible to find something you like. Our Food Services Director is also a Registered Dietitian whose goals include creating appealing menus while meeting the nutritional needs of each resident and patient. She is also able to provide nutritional education as needed for our patients and residents in every setting: short-stay, long-stay and home health care.

Dining with Family

Family members are welcome to bring special meals and food for their loved one. However, it is very important to adhere to any and all diet restrictions ordered by your physician. If you have any questions, please consult with your nurse to be sure the diet restrictions permit special meals. Special guest meals are available for a small fee to allow families the opportunity to dine with a patient or resident. For reservations, please see the main office receptionist.

For questions about dining/nutritional services, please contact lfontaine@cedarsliving.com

For a sample of our Dining Menu, please click here