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Discharge Planning

Our Discharge Planning & Patient Relations Coordinator begins to plan for a patient’s discharge right upon admission. She coordinates post-discharge services during a patient’s stay at The Cedars, including the need for continued services through home care and/or equipment.

Prior to discharge, we will ask that the designated family member, or responsible party, take measures to ensure that the patient’s home environment is safe and ready. Things to consider include home temperature, food, safety adaptation recommended by our rehab staff.

When the patient’s doctor decides he or she is ready to leave The Cedars, a discharge order will be written. The family member or friend selected by the patient upon admission will be asked to help organize the transition back to the community. In addition, the patient’s doctor and nurse will provide instructions about ongoing care.

Education regarding illness, diet, treatment, tests, medications, drug/food interactions, and home health care, available from our care team, will be provided upon discharge to the community. For more information about the discharge process, or for questions about education, diet, activities or other matters, please contact your Nurse Case Manager or Rhonda Goldstein our Discharge Planning Coordinator at rgoldstein@cedarsliving.com

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