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The Cedars, RI

Holistic Care, Short Stay

Healing the Whole Person

The Cedars is pleased to offer short-stay patients and residents the wonderful benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or holistic therapies.  Our full-time Holistic Therapy Practitioner uses a combination of alternative therapies including Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to help reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthen overall physical and mental wellbeing.  A combination of techniques is used based on each patient’s needs in order to achieve the best results.  CAM therapies are focused on the “Whole Self” and realize that healing involves more than just medications and procedures. CAM therapies work with traditional western medicine to help restore the patient as fully as possible.

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While standard medical care focuses on treating single body parts or systems, most integrative medicine practitioners utilize holistic care practices that consider the whole person including mind, body and spirit. Holistic care is designed to nourish, balance, and vitalize the whole individual while the patient’s strengths are used to overcome weakness.  At The Cedars, our therapist uses such techniques as Reiki, reflexology, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, guided imagery, meditation, touch therapy and aromatherapy.  Therapy is focused on the “Whole Self” and works with traditional western medicine to help restore the patient as fully as possible.   Our complimentary holistic treatments are available in our beautiful, serene private therapy room or at bedside in the patient’s room.