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The Cedars, RI

Skilled Nursing in Rhode Island

To Our Nurses, Each Patient is Unique

Skilled Nursing in RIAt The Cedars, our skilled nursing program utilizes a Primary Nursing model in which specific Registered Nurses (RN) and nursing assistants (CNAs) are assigned to each patient in our care for their entire length of stay. Whether a short stay patient or a long stay resident, this relationship-based care promotes the well-being of everyone.

Providing Skilled Nursing all throughout Rhode Island

Each Primary Nurse at The Cedars collaborates with the patient’s physician and nursing team, and is responsible for decision-making regarding care during a patient’s stay. The Primary Nurse’s role is to identify the patient’s unique health needs and priorities, establish an individualized plan of care, and communicate that plan to other members of the team. In doing so, she or he focuses on the nurse-patient relationship, strengthens accountability for care and facilitates family involvement in the planning of care.

The Cedars Distinctive Nursing Program

  • High licensed staff to patient ratio that exceeds both State and National statistics
  • Continuity of care: Primary Nurse follows patient from admission to discharge back to community
  • Tools for high quality medical management include computerized bedside assessment, documentation and access to medical records; computers at all nursing stations for lab/pharmacy reference and communication; wall-mounted units to allow nursing assistants to input patient vital signs and instantly access patient information.
  • Nurses administer medications, perform all wound care, and provide on-going medical assessments of their patients.
  • Strong Focus on pain management.
  • Nursing certifications include BLS, IV and Wound Care.
  • Patient and family education of disease process and medication management

The Cedars Comprehensive skilled nursing and complex medical care services

  • Pain assessment & management
  • Respiratory therapy including tracheotomy care
  • Diabetic care & teaching
  • Wound care management & Wound VAC system teaching
  • In-house medical consultation available: Infectious Disease, Urology, Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, & Neurology
  • In-house peritoneal dialysis & management of outpatient hemodialysis
  • Colostomy/ileostomy/urostomy care
  • Enteral feeding methods
  • Gastrostomy tube/ jejunostomy tube maintenance
  • Nephrostomy tube management Infusion therapy – TPN, midline, peripheral, central line management

Nursing Excellence for a Lifetime throughout Rhode Island

We are very proud at The Cedars to say that many of our nursing staff have been with us their entire career. While some find their caregiving niche as compassionate nursing assistant for a career, others having taken advantage of the many opportunities for growth at The Cedars either in climbing the nursing ladder with advanced education financing we offer our employees, or by utilizing their nursing skills in new setting as available with our home health program.