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Cedar Crest Nursing Centre Celebrates 50 Years

We Are Family:
Cedar Crest Celebrates 50 Years!
“Here’s what we call our golden rule Have faith in you
And the things you do
You won’t go wrong with this”
Sister Sledge. Lyrics to “We are Family”

Cedar Crest Nursing Centre is Celebrating 50 Years of Quality Care.
We can not do it without our team of professionals.

Happy Birthday Cedar Crest!
Trying to sum up fifty years in a few sentences is challenging. This half-century birthday is a significant milestone, for a person or a business. As Cedar Crest’s owner and administrator, I see the fifty-year mark as an invitation to reflect on hard won accomplishments and ambitious goals for the future. I believe it’s also an opportunity to consider the core values that serve as our touchstone throughout the ebb and flow of time.

Cedar Crest opened its doors for our first residents in 1970 – a decade memorable for many things including incredible music. As we commence our yearlong celebration of Cedar Crest’s 50th Anniversary, I thought the immortal words of Sister Sledge’s song “We Are Family” fit the bill.

It’s a Family Affair
As the song’s title suggests, Cedar Crest is a “family.” Proud to have remained family owned and operated since 1970, we are fortunate to have staff of more than 300 who have been with us for decades. Many who have quite literally grown up in the business, advancing in their career, and choosing to stay with us on our journey. In my case, I am also blessed to work alongside my husband, children and their spouses who have chosen to dedicate their careers and passion to Cedar Crest’s success. All and all, quite a big family.

The whipple family is proud to continue the tradition of providing our Rhode Island community with quality medical care.

Of course, our extended household also includes our beloved residents who, along with their loved ones, have chosen to call Cedar Crest home. Our short-stay patients, with us for a brief time to recover and go back to the community, are also important members of the family. Each year in fact, Cedar Crest welcomes more than 1000 new faces through our doors for skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. We consider each person to be family.
Lean on Me
The song’s lyrics mention “having faith”. The dictionary describes faith as a great confidence or trust in something or someone. For Cedar Crest, our confidence stems from the link between confidence in our skills and our collaboration as a team. This connection is essential to our delivery of safe and effective care.

At the end of the day, Cedar Crest is a team who lean on each other to get it all done. A talented, multi-disciplinary group including nursing, therapy, social services, dining services, activities and administration personnel who all work seamlessly together – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – to provide the very best care to our residents and patients.
Having such abiding faith in each other is the main reason that we achieve great things such as our recent coveted Silver Award from the American Health Care Association. Winning this award was exceptionally difficult with a rigorous application process that required endless research, self-analysis, and a great deal of writing. A true team effort, it was a thrilling accomplishment.

Thom Whipple Administrator & Vanessa Carnevale of Cedar Home Health featured on the Road Show.

The Golden Rule
Of all the lines in this rather short song, I think the most important refers to the “Golden Rule,” that is of course the aim to treat others as you would like to be treated. While Cedar Crest is proud of our reputation for outstanding clinical care, we never lose sight of what’s most important: the people in our care. Like other good businesses, providing excellent customer service is a priority. But we also strive for something more. Compassion for those in our care who are often vulnerable, fragile and in pain. We understand that treating each individual as we would like to be treated makes all the difference in the world.
So, please join me as we wish a happy birthday to Cedar Crest. We have accomplished a lot together in our first fifty years and provided compassionate care to many thousands of individuals. A heartfelt thank you to the entire Cedar Crest family for helping to make us great now and for decades to come.

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