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Cedar Crest Nursing Centre Welcomes Sam Alba

Cedar Crest Nursing Centre is happy to welcome Sam Alba as a new Stylist to our Hair Salon. The Alba name has been a part of the Beauty Industry in RI for the past 160 years.  Sam’s Grandfather, Michaela Alba came to this country from Sicily in 1858 , opened a barber shop in Onleyville, Providence had 13 children, 7 of which were boys and 6 of them joined the Hair Styling profession.  The Alba son’s had shops in Onleyville, on Chalkstone Avenue, on Waterman Street on the East Side of Providence and Cranston Street in Cranston where Sam’s Dad ran a salon for 45 years.  True to the Alba name Sam graduated in 1965 from the Jo-Ann’s School of Hairdressing.  As the owner of Sam’s Towne House Beauty Salon in Cranston for the past 45 years Sam is not only known for his styling and customer service but  his  love of humor and Oldie’s music.  Expect to hear Frank, Tony and many more oldies while you visit.

Sam will be working Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 9-3.  For any further information or to request an appointment please speak with the receptionist.