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The Cedars High Quality Care Can Weather Any Storm

Delivering High Quality care is The Cedars’ top priority.  Sometimes mother nature tries to get in the way.  Our team steps up each and every storm to ensure all of our patients’ care is seamless.  Both Cedar Crest and Cedar Home Health are always prepared to weather any storm.

Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry

Enrolling in the Special Needs Emergency Registry lets police, fire, and other first responders in your community better prepare for and respond to your needs during a hurricane, storm, or other emergency.

Many people may need extra help during a time of emergency, including people who:

  • Use life support systems such as oxygen, respirator, ventilator, dialysis, pacemaker, or are insulin dependent;
  • Have mobility disabilities and use a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, or other mobility device;
  • Are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing, or deaf;
  • Have speech, cognitive, developmental or mental health disabilities; or
  • Use assistive animals or a prosthesis.

More Information about Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry


Cedar Crest Nursing Centre & Cedar Home Health

Our team at Cedar Crest knows the importance of patient safety in a storm and works diligently to maintain a typical day.  Nursing, Rehab, Dietary and our environmental services all work closely to maintain our Mission of Person Centered Care.  Many staff sleep over to ensure their responsibilities are met the day of a storm.  Here are some main focuses during a storm.

  • Our close relationship with the Rhode Island Department of Health and Mutual Aid Plan of Rhode Island helps us prepare for any types of disaster.
  • Administration assists with any transportation as needed for patients and employees.
  • Nursing staff continues their 24 hour care with Directors working closely.
  • Rehab staff continues to ensure programs are in place to continue patient therapy.
  • Dietary prepares in advance with additional emergency stock in the event deliveries are delayed and has a full service menu available.
  • Maintenance ensures pathways and parking lots are clear of ice and snow.
  • Our generator is tested and can power the entire community if power is lost.
  • Generator ensures 100% Power backup

  • Environmental services focus on keeping wet floors safe with signage and constant maintenance.
  • Cedar Home Health triages our patients to ensure safety, and have emergency procedures in place along with our 24 hour answering service for any concerns or emergencies.
  • At times any Cedar Home Health patients that are more compromised are offered a respite stay at Cedar Crest Nursing Centre during the storm.

We are always patient centered and feel our Patients and Team are part of the Cedar Family.  For more information please contact us.

Cedar Home Health

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Cedar Crest Nursing Centre

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Admissions Email:  Linda Ferschke,RN